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The Phillips Library provides free, online access to a growing percentage of its rare and unique materials through digitization. Digitized items include PEM publications, logbooks, photographs, broadsides, manuscripts, and more.


Digital Collections

Explore the Phillips Library's growing collection of digitized manuscripts, books, broadsides, photographs, and more.

Select logbooks and publications are digitized for or by the Internet Archive, and Digital Commonwealth digitizes select visual materials. This work is done according to their respective specifications, with data provided by library staff. The resulting digital files are permanently hosted by these platforms and may be downloaded in several formats.

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Digital Commonwealth

The digital repository for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts digitizes and hosts Phillips Library photographic collections.

Library \\ Collections

Internet Archive

Our Internet Archive site contains digitized bound materials, including ships' logbooks and publications issued by PEM and our ancestor institutions.

Library \\ Collections


Search the Phillips Library’s collections using Philcat, our online catalog. Request library materials, access digitized items, order reproductions, and more.