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      The Phillips Library offers opportunities for individuals to conduct financially-supported research in our collections and share the results of their work. Read about the two types of fellowships below. Questions? Email

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      Frances E. Malamy Research Fellowship

      The Malamy fellowship supports research in the library’s archives and manuscripts collections.

      Frances E. Malamy had deep roots within PEM and the Phillips Library. A long-standing member of the museum family, she dedicated tireless hours processing manuscripts. She was a unique and extraordinary individual who firmly believed that the Phillips Library provides value to the academic community and the public, and realized the importance of the collection and its outreach impact on the greater intellectual world. To sustain the contributions that Frances made to the library, her husband Michael and her two children, Jocelyn and Adam, have funded this fellowship as a lasting tribute to her memory and her interest in the Phillips Library and the world of scholarship.

      The Frances E. Malamy Research Fellowship is awarded to one recipient each year to perform independent scholarly research. Fellowships awarded may be taken in the calendar year following an accepted application. The recipient receives a $5,500 award, payable in two equal installments, at the middle and conclusion of their residency.

      • Research must be centered in the library’s archives and manuscripts collections.
      • The fellowship requires in-library research for a minimum of eight weeks, not to be divided into more than two terms.
      • The program culminates in the submission of a research summary for the benefit of the library’s audiences, typically a public lecture or discussion, but the format of this is negotiable. PEM reserves the right to publicize the resulting product in order to promote research within the collection.
      • This fellowship is available to U.S. citizens, green card holders and holders of an F1 student visa or a J1 practicum/training visa.

      All application materials, including references, must be received by midnight on the last Sunday in October. Materials may be submitted electronically to or mailed to the Library Fellowship Committee, 306 Newburyport Turnpike, Rowley, MA 01969. Please ensure your application includes specific references to Phillips Library collection materials as found through Philcat, our online catalog. All applicants will be notified of the committee's decision in December of their application year.

      Megan Baker, Malamy 2022
      Crayon Rebellion: The Material Politics of North American Pastels, 1758–1812

      Presentation: Crayon Rebellion

      Heesoo Cho, Malamy 2021
      Damaged Commodities Afloat: Maritime Ship Management in the Early American Republic, 1783–1820

      Presentation: View from the Isle of France: Elias Hasket Derby Jr.’s East India Voyage

      Caylin Carbonnell, Malamy 2020
      "At Home in My Master's House": Household, Labor, and Authority in Early New England

      Presentation: Elizabeth Corwin, Her Book: Uncovering Women’s Accounts from 17th-Century Salem

      Yiyun Huang, Malamy 2019
      Turning Wuyi Cha to Bohea Tea: The 18th-Century Global Cultural Transfer of Chinese Tea from Qing China to British North America

      Kabria Baumgartner, Malamy 2018
      A Right To Learn: African American Women and Educational Activism in Antebellum America

      Joshua Morrison, Malamy 2018
      Cut from the Same Cloth: Salem, Zanzibar, and the Consolidation of the Indo-Atlantic World, 1820–1870

      Rachel Silberstein, Malamy 2017
      Stitching Culture: American Women and Chinese Textiles in the Twentieth Century

      Midori Oka, Malamy 2016
      Edward Sylvester Morse: Collecting Art for New England

      Maria João Petisca, Malamy 2016
      Chinese Black and Gold Export Lacquer, 1600–1850

      Nora Riediger, Malamy 2015
      Re-Presenting Frank Cousins: Turn-of-the-19th-Century Architecture Photography as a Project of Cultural Remembrance

      Anne Plane, Malamy 2015
      Frank G. Speck, Ernest S. Dodge, and the Collections of the Peabody Museum of Salem

      Jenny Rose, Malamy 2014
      Riding the (Revolutionary) Waves Between Two Worlds: Parsi Involvement in the Transition from Old to New

      George Schwartz, Malamy 2014
      “Collecting and Arranging … a History of the Globe”: A Reconsideration of the Salem East India Marine Society and Antebellum American Museology

      Elaine McGrath, Malamy 2010
      Hemenway Family Papers (1800–1954) of Augustus and Mary Hemenway: A Story of “Sorrow, Struggle, Success, Collapse [and] Recovery.”

      New England Regional Fellowship

      As a member of the New England Regional Fellowship Consortium (NERFC), the Phillips Library supports collaborative fellowships that draw on multiple regional institutions.

      NERFC is a collaboration of over 30 major cultural agencies. NERFC grants support work in a broad array of fields, and member institutions hold collections that offer a historical perspective on these subjects and more. For a complete list of consortium members and a brief description of each institution, please view the Participants page.

      NERFC offers multiple grants each year. Each grant provides a stipend of $5,000 for a minimum of eight weeks of research at participating institutions. Grants are designed to encourage projects that draw on the resources of several agencies.

      Each fellowship itinerary must include:

      • A minimum of eight weeks of in-person research
      • Research at least three different member institutions
      • At least two weeks of research at each institution

      Fellowships are open to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals who hold the necessary U.S. government documents. Applications must be submitted online.

      NERFC expects fellows to visit all the repositories they list in their proposals for the length of time they specify. The consortium’s policy is to ensure that each member with collections hosts fellows every year. An applicant’s proposed itinerary may be a factor in the decision whether to award a fellowship. In keeping with NERFC’s regional interests, the consortium may also favor applications that draw on institutions from more than one metropolitan area.

      Alexander David Clayton, NERFC 2022–2023
      The Living Animal: Biopower and Empire in the Atlantic Menagerie, 1760–1890

      Katherine Fein, NERFC 2022–2023
      The Garb of Nature: Picturing Nudity, Race, and Ecology in the Nineteenth-Century United States

      Eva Landsberg, NERFC 2022–2023
      The Politics of Sugar in the 18th-Century British Atlantic

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