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For the summer 2023 session, the Native American Fellowship Program will have a new, online application process. Please follow the listing below to apply:

If there are extenuating circumstances, a PDF application and instructions will be available upon request. If you have any questions about the application process, or need to request a PDF file copy, please contact nafellowship@pem.org.

Deep Roots

The NAF program emerged more than a decade ago as part of an Education through Cultural and Historical Organizations grant to fulfill the need of embracing more museum and cultural heritage professionals of Native American descent.

We believe extensive, interconnected networks of family, community, and professionals are essential. Our program strives to reach Native American, First Nations, Native Hawaiian, and Alaskan Native communities far and wide.

Native American Summer Fellows share their experiences.
Sustained Commitment

Since 2010, the NAF has gathered talented emerging indigenous scholars and cultural heritage professionals for summer-long positions within the museum. Fellows work directly with and receive mentorship from committed senior and mid-level PEM professionals. In 2017, we built upon the success of our summer fellowships by adding longer-term, 12-24 month fellowship opportunities. And our dedication to mentoring extends beyond these summer and long-term positions. We continue to support our alumni's careers long after their time here at PEM.

Enriched Growth

In addition to the enhanced mentorship and programming provided through our long-running summer program for up to six Fellows, and our burgeoning Long-term Fellowship opportunities, we are adding to the conversation and widening our impact through increased publication, partnerships, and curriculum sharing.

By introducing our Fellows to new knowledge, bold tactics, and continuous improvement, we create robust experiences for all involved.

These are the experiences that shape our careers.

– Jami Powell (Osage Nation), Summer Fellow 2017

Cultivating Innovators

NAF programming redefines the fellowship experience. While at PEM, we encourage Fellows to center their community’s values as they develop the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to become 21st-century visionaries who will shape their communities, museums, and nonprofit cultural institutions.

Amplifying Voices

The Native American Fellowship recognizes the need for indigenous voices to be heard across the cultural heritage sector. NAF opportunities provide dedicated space and programming necessary for these conversations to occur and produce results. We select Fellows interested in collaborating to amplify their voices.

Recognized Quality

In 2015, the American Alliance of Museums recognized the impact of our program with their EdCom Excellence in Programming Award.

In 2016, we received a three-year $750K grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and as a result of their generous $1.3M five-year extension starting in 2019, our program continues to grow.

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