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Launching GenPEM

This summer, we launched GenPEM in Boston at Bully Boy, a distillery as unique as PEM itself, specializing in whiskey, rum, gin, vodka and amaro.

Generation PEM (GenPEM) is a newly formed community of museum appreciators, professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and collectors -- the next generation of PEM supporters. Our hope is that at each GenPEM pop-up you connect with a curator, a new professional contact, a potential collaborator or a new friend. We want to help make new connections with your participation, as part of the PEM community.


Christhian Mancians-Garci, Danyel Barnard, Lola Remy, Joey Frechette and GenPEM Steering Committee Member Amy Brooks enjoy custom made cocktails at GenPEM at Bully Boy Distillers. Photography by Kathy Tarantola/PEM

At this most recent popup event, Roxbury-based artist Bill Thompson led a spectacular studio tour and installed his monochrome sculptures in the distillery, owned and operated by brothers Dave and Will Willis. Trevor Smith, PEM’s Curator of the Present Tense, spoke about the impact of creativity in our lives and Curatorial Scholar George Schwartz spoke about the boozier objects from PEM’s collection such as Mr. Nobody by artist Michael Lin.

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Roxbury-based Artist Bill Thompson, who frequented PEM when he was young, hosted a pre-event tour of his studio above Bully Boy Distillery and describes his process. Photography by Kathy Tarantola/PEM

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Trevor Smith, PEM’s Curator of the Present Tense, welcomes the crowd to the launch of GenPEM. Photography by Kathy Tarantola/PEM

GenPEM is designed to be collaborative. In an ever-saturated technological landscape, we value pausing to connect in person to enjoy new conversations and ideas. GenPEM starts where a museum normally stops, engaging the community with makers, artists and local businesses through interesting events.

Art consultant Caroline Cox, a new GenPEM Steering Committee member, explains why she is involved with GenPEM: “PEM is my go-to for unbound art exploration and is our touchstone for quality art experiences. I am so excited to see how this new, community-driven group steered by the tenacious Trevor Smith will further broaden creative adventures.”

Throughout the year, we also hold a series of listening tours to better understand what interests the next generation of museum goers, so that we can respond to new ideas in a nimble and flexible way through collaboration. By partnering with creative businesses and leading contemporary artists, we connect PEM to existing creative people and bring the museum outside of its walls.

PEM Curatorial Scholar George Schwartz gave a talk on some of the boozier objects in the PEM collection. Photography by Kathy Tarantola/PEM

Our goal is to build consistently interesting and creative experiences that compel the next generation of museum appreciators to learn more about PEM, its legacy and where we’re going with our new expansion, programs and exhibitions. We want to know what projects you are involved in and how GenPEM can celebrate them, while also connecting the community back to PEM’s curators, exhibitions and programs at the museum.

We believe that creativity is everywhere and in everyone. Artists, collectors, financial advisors, tech and bio start-up professionals all have creative aspects to their work. Having an artist at the center of our events brings a focal point to conversation among those working in different fields.


GenPEM Steering Committee Member Amy Brooks, Christhian Mancians-Garci, Yunmin Zala, and designer Zainab Koroma of Zainab Sumu Primitive Modern engage with artist Bill Thompson in his studio. Photography by Kathy Tarantola/PEM

We host three pop-ups in Boston and on the North Shore each year to shine a light on creative businesses and art practitioners who are doing incredible work. By bringing a PEM experience outside of the museum walls, into existing networks, we bring the PEM experience along with us.  We aim to create experiences that help you think differently about yourself, your career and the world.

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GenPEM Steering Committee Member Jay Williams (far left) and Ariana Webber, from the MIT List Visual Arts Center, connect in the colorful Bully Boy Distillery. Photography by Kathy Tarantola/PEM

Now that we’ve officially launched this program, we encourage you to participate. There are several ways. You can attend events by adding yourself to the invite list, invite your friends and join GenPEM, to receive discounted tickets and an array of offerings.

We are pleased to announce we have 10 GenPEM Steering Committee members and counting, who are leading the charge as we grow the next generation of art lovers and PEM enthusiasts.

To participate in GenPEM visit To be invited to the next event, please email

Want to join other PEM enthusiasts for an evening of unforgettable multi-sensory and immersive experiences? Join us at the LiGHT & Sound Gala Dance Party on November 10 from 9pm to  midnight. Help us celebrate the power of art, culture and community.

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