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      Celebrating the Year of the Dragon, one gallery at a time

      The year of the dragon is celebrated at PEM with a search for dragons throughout the galleries.

      5 MIN READ


      Celebrating LatinXcellence throughout Massachusetts

      LatinX shares about their exhibition at PEM that supports Massachusetts leaders.

      3 MIN READ


      Local wolves & global creativity: Behind the scenes of Our Time on Earth

      Go behind the scenes with exhibition preparers as we delve into the world of our new exhibition, Our Time on Earth.

      10 MIN READ


      Salem Community Leaders Share a Few of their favorite things

      Former Mayor Kim Driscoll and other Salem community leaders share their favorite PEM objects.

      18 MIN READ


      Curator Jane Winchell outlines the art, science and surprises on view in Bats!

      Jane Winchell talks about her favorite bat artwork and other highlights of PEM’s new exhibition.

      5 MIN READ


      Historic Holiday Recipes: Recreating 200-Year-Old Gingerbread

      Testing historic holiday recipes from PEM’s Phillips Library.

      7 MIN READ

      Dinah Cardin creating a PEMcast wit Steven Mallory



      Enjoy stories and conversations for the culturally curious, written by museum staff, guest curators, artists, local community members and more.

      PEM Walks

      Explore PEM Walks, an audio postcard series that takes you into these remarkable structures with hosts Dinah Cardin, PEM’s Content Producer, and Steven Mallory, Manager of Historic Structures.