Treasures of Charles Frederick Gammon’s Photographs of China Recently Discovered in Phillips Library’s Ward Collection

Tingting Xu

Gammon holding his camera at Shan-hai-kwan, the eastern end of the Great Wall. Sept 1908.

Thirty-nine boxes of photographs of China in the Phillips Library’s Ward Collection, with a total of 1,475 black-and-white silver gelatin prints (3.25 x 5 inches) are now identified as the work of Charles Frederick Gammon (1870-1926), the Superintendent of Colportage for the American Bible Society, in northern China at the beginning of the twentieth century. When I was assigned the work of providing an inventory of the photographs in these boxes, that were basically untouched materials buried in the huge Ward Collection of Chinese books and photographs, I had no idea that they were the work of one person. Nor would I imagine that I would be able find Hannah Warren, the great-grand daughter of Gammon at the end of my research work.

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Exciting New Library Acquisitions for August

Image from diary of Le Minh Truong, 1973-1974

The Phillips Library has recently acquired some rare and interesting items for its manuscript collection. Here is a sampling of a few of those gems.

North Vietnamese Diary and Photo Album

North Vietnamese Diary and Photo Album by Le Minh Truong, 1973-1974

This handwritten diary and photo album by North Vietnamese war correspondent and photographer Le Minh Truong (1930-2012), documents his journey along the Ho Chi Minh Trail from North Vietnam to Saigon between 1973 and 1974. Read more

Samuel V. Chamberlain, Marblehead Artist and Photographer

A Lane at Vez, watercolor by Samuel Chamberlain, undated

One of my favorite manuscript collections in the Phillips Library is that of Samuel V. Chamberlain, noted artist and photographer. Early in his life, while living in Europe, he sketched all that he saw and later in life, he traveled all over New England, photographing homes and local landmarks.

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