Sidney Berger: A Commendation

William Strong

When I first joined the Phillips Library Visiting Committee, the Library was ailing.  Its reputation had, frankly, suffered within the U.S. library community.  We had boots on the ground in the form of an able and dedicated staff, but no general to lead them and to set a vision for what the library could be.  It had the potential to be a world-class library, but to achieve that we needed a world-class librarian.

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Elves on the Shelves of the Phillips Library

& Jennifer Hornsby


Introducing (from left to right): Buddy, Jingle, and Winkie!

For the month of December, the Phillips Library has taken pleasure in receiving a little help with inspiration for the holiday spirit around our offices. Much to our surprise, we have been visited by a trio of North Pole natives, a group of elves who apparently love rare books and manuscripts almost as much as they love snowball fights and fine-tuned toy manufacturing. During their time here, our elves have provided healthy doses of cheer and mischief, reminding us that the special and rare items at the Phillips Library really should be shared and celebrated by everyone.

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