Building a Boat from the Ground Up: a Look at the Papers of Naval Architect Sam Crocker

Crocker design #128, taken in 1934, box 32, folder 5

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a boat from the ground up?  Or wondered who manages all of the intricate details, sketches, and decisions that have to be made?  A look through the Samuel S. Crocker papers, MH 13, provides some insight into the endless planning, negotiating, and hard work that goes into the designing and building of luxury yachts and fishing boats.

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The Fernald and Petigrew Shipyard Papers

Exploring a Piece of Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s Shipbuilding Industry’s History

Fernald and Petigrew business card

Fernald and Petigrew business card, MH 3, box 12, folder 5

By the mid-nineteenth century, shifting needs within the shipping industry—the need to get to port faster not only to deliver fresher cargo, but also to be able to set higher prices (the first one to port received the highest prices for their cargo)—meant that there was a growing demand for larger and faster ships. In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the shipbuilding industry thrived during this time, with a number of firms specializing in the new faster, larger vessels.[1] Read more

David Pingree (1795-1863), Shipping Merchant


Ship Thomas Perkins of Salem in Canton River, 1840, Sunqua

Recently I completed processing the David Pingree (1795-1863) Papers.  The collection is central to the study of many important subjects in early American history, notably major developments in American commerce. The Pingree family businesses began early and coincided with the Golden Age of shipping in Salem.

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