Elves on the Shelves of the Phillips Library

& Jennifer Hornsby


Introducing (from left to right): Buddy, Jingle, and Winkie!

For the month of December, the Phillips Library has taken pleasure in receiving a little help with inspiration for the holiday spirit around our offices. Much to our surprise, we have been visited by a trio of North Pole natives, a group of elves who apparently love rare books and manuscripts almost as much as they love snowball fights and fine-tuned toy manufacturing. During their time here, our elves have provided healthy doses of cheer and mischief, reminding us that the special and rare items at the Phillips Library really should be shared and celebrated by everyone.

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“The Song of the Library Staff” by Sam Walter Foss

"The Song of the Library Staff" by Sam Walter Foss

At the Phillips Library we hold many treasures on a vast number of topics.  I recently uncovered a delightful piece written by Sam Walter Foss (1858-1911), one-time librarian at the Somerville Public Library.  An avid poet, Foss is primarily known for such works as “The House by the Side of the Road.”  In 1906, Foss attended the American Library Association’s annual conference in Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island, where he read his new set of poems, collectively called The Song of the Library Staff, to the 890 attendees.

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