An Unexpected Find in the Ropes Family Papers: Sketches and Watercolors by Elizabeth Ropes Orne

Watercolor, box 11, folder 4

Oftentimes, when thumbing through a collection, an archivist finds something unexpected.  This recently happened to me when I was updating the Ropes Family Papers finding aid, MSS 190.  I happened to come across a folder filled with beautiful water colors and pencil sketches which have been attributed to Elizabeth Ropes Orne, not highlighted in the original finding aid.

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Summer Reading List

"Moby Dick" by Herman Melville, 1895

It’s finally starting to feel like summer here in the northeast.  Schools are out and students around the country are (eagerly!) picking up their summer reading books from their local libraries.  This yearly ritual inspired me to pick out a few books from our shelves for a new Summer Reading List display in our reading room. Read more

Logbooks as Art

The Peabody Essex Museum has its origins in the East India Marine Society. In 1799, twenty Salem, Massachusetts ship captains and supercargoes that had sailed around the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn formed a society and one of the stipulations for membership was that they keep a log of their journey, recording wind, weather, ship sightings, and other points of interest. The Phillips Library now owns almost 3,000 of these ship logs, dating from 1748 to the mid-1900s.

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