Kitchens of the Past: New Manuscript Cookbook Collection

 Elizabeth Coup

"Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen" by Franz Eugen Köhler via Wikimedia Commons | See The Useful Lemon below

Up until the early twentieth century, it was common for American women to keep a personal, hand-written cookbook. It might have been a new leather-bound book she received as a wedding present, or it might have been a worn book passed down from a relative already containing all the recipes that individual had gathered. The Phillips Library contains a small collection of these manuscript cookbooks dating from about 1809 to 1918. Read more

Bon Appetite!

Reading Room Display - Cookbooks, September 2013

We have now been open at our new temporary location for a little over one month, and the Reading Room has had a number of visitors from around the country and around the world.  As a new member of the reference staff I am excited to have the opportunity to learn about the Phillips Library collections both through our researchers and the other staff members.  After much discussion with the reference staff it was decided that an exhibit would be a nice addition to our new space.

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