“That Country is my Country:” Loyalism and Maps of British America

Emily Clare Casey

"Benjamin Pickman, Sr." John Singleton Copley, ca. 1758-61, Yale University Art Gallery

In July 1783, Benjamin Pickman wrote a letter to his wife, Mary, declaring, “[T]hat Country is my Country whose Laws afford me Protection, where I am free as air, and whose Inhabitants never give me a scornful Look.”[1] Read more

Nature Into Art: Uncovering Entomology

Plate 10: Everlasting flower and Castnia from Leningrader Aquarelle / Maria Sibylla Merian, 1974

A quick history lesson shows us how the collections of the Essex County Natural History Society (founded 1833) came to reside in the collections of the Peabody Essex Museum today. The ECNH focused on collecting both literature and specimens documenting the natural wonders of Essex County, Massachusetts.  After a short life of 15 years, the ECNH merged with the Essex Historical Society to form the Essex Institute. Read more