Just About Everything You Need to Know About Watermarks

A beautiful Japanese light-and-shade watermark made by the hand-rubbing method. (Collection of the author.)

Hold a piece of paper up to the light and what do you see?  Are there words or pictures or numbers showing through where the paper is thin?  You are looking at a watermark.

Well, it’s not quite that simple.  It could be a countermark.  It could be a regular “wire” watermark or one of the other kinds.  Here’s a little blog about these fascinating things. Read more

Miniature Books at PEM/PM

Ask any librarian and they will tell you that every book has something that makes it “special.”  Here at the Phillips Library our shelves are filled with books that are rare and unique in myriad ways.  Some are signed by the author or a notable owner.  Some are centuries old and have survived unknown trials.  Some are the only known copy in the United States, or even the world.  And some are special in part because of their size.  This post will look at some of our smallest books. Read more

Juvenile Collection Reading Room Display

Jessica Jones

Cover of Matthias Barr’s Child’s Garland of Little Poems

Cover of Matthias Barr’s Child’s Garland of Little Poems

Perhaps the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ doesn’t always hold true, especially for many of the works in our library’s juvenile collection. The books featured in this reading room display are chosen for their beautiful illustrations and decorated covers, which draw readers into the story. As can be seen from their content to their covers, these books transform ordinary objects into pieces of art.

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