Celebrating Fathers

Contentment, Industry, and Hospitality

Contentment, Industry, and Hospitality from Moral Picture Book reproduced from original in Bodleian Library, inscribed 1852

As soon as I finished writing the blog post honoring mothers in May, I knew I would do the same this month to honor fathers.   It was a bit more of a challenge to locate illustrative text for this entry but I soon remembered the poetry by Anne Bradstreet, considered by many to be the first female poet to be published in America.  The daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley and the wife of Governor Simon Bradstreet, founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Bradstreet arrived in Salem in July 1630 after a journey from England aboard the Arbella.  Read more

Conversant Celebrates 100th Post

The most popular tags used in the first 100 posts on Conversant!

The Phillips Library is pleased to celebrate our 100th blog post!  Conversant has been bringing you thought-provoking, stimulating (and occasionally humorous) insights into the Phillips Library collections for almost two years.  Check out our contributors’ nine favorite posts below.  Here’s to the next hundred! Read more

James W. Sewall and Turn of the Century Letterheads

Billheads and Letterheads, January 1900-December 1904

As I continue processing collections related to the Pingree family papers, I am just now reaching the turn of the twentieth century.  It is fascinating to see how the documents I am handling are changing.  The sheer volume of documents has increased; the bulk of the paper itself is now made of wood pulp rather than cotton rag; and rather than strictly handwritten items there are now typewritten letters and invoices.  But from an aesthetic point of view it is the letterheads and billheads that jumped out at me while sorting the financial documents of James Wingate Sewall, a Pingree agent and attorney located in Maine.

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