Storytelling Video Blog #1: Little Songs of Shade and Sunshine

& Catherine Robertson

Introducing the first Conversant video post!  This is the first post in a new series called “Storytelling.” Inspired by the recent Mass Poetry Festival, we picked a lovely illustrated book from our collection and read the poems aloud. It can be difficult to feel a sense of energy when viewing only still images of largely textual objects. We hope this post, and others in future, helps bring some of those objects to life. Read more

Getting To Know the Ropes Family through the Books

Over the past several months, the Phillips Library has shared in the excitement of discovering the stories of the Ropes family in preparation for the reopening of the Ropes Mansion on May 23rd—after the recent restoration of the interior. Here, I’ll share some highlights uncovered during the cataloging of the Ropes family book collection.

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What’s On My Cart?

Last month we introduced a new series we’re calling “What’s on my cart?” with a spotlight on Sarah Jennette’s cart of books to be cataloged.  As a reference librarian, the items on my cart are pulled not because they need to be cataloged, but because our patrons or staff have requested them.  Items on my cart range from books, and photographs, to manuscript folders and boxes, broadsides, and other odds and ends needed by our constituents. Read more