James W. Sewall and Turn of the Century Letterheads

Billheads and Letterheads, January 1900-December 1904

As I continue processing collections related to the Pingree family papers, I am just now reaching the turn of the twentieth century.  It is fascinating to see how the documents I am handling are changing.  The sheer volume of documents has increased; the bulk of the paper itself is now made of wood pulp rather than cotton rag; and rather than strictly handwritten items there are now typewritten letters and invoices.  But from an aesthetic point of view it is the letterheads and billheads that jumped out at me while sorting the financial documents of James Wingate Sewall, a Pingree agent and attorney located in Maine.

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Two Years on the Ice: the Papers of George Frizzell During His Time with Admiral Richard Byrd’s Second Antarctic Expedition

George Frizzell, undated. MH 103, box 2, folder 5

In the early 1930s, in the midst of the Great Depression, Admiral Richard E. Byrd decided to put together an expedition to Antarctica—this would be his second time leading an expedition there,  the first taking place from 1928 to 1930.

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Now Trending: #HistoricHouseCrush

Whitney Van Dyke

Photo by instagram user @socialpalates

“Turn fresh eyes on old buildings”

That was the call to action for some 20 photographers who are experts on the social media platform Instagram. They joined us for a special preview of PEM’s Ropes Mansion. Following an extensive six-year renovation and conservation project, the Ropes Mansion just reopened to the public on Saturday, May 23rd. It’s been a remarkable undertaking as chronicled on an earlier blog post.   As our Instagrammers found out, the result is quite snappy indeed. Read more