#ColorOurCollections at PEM/PM!

You may have seen our previous blog and tweets related to the #ColorOurCollections social media campaign in February.  Well, we’re at it again.  With the recent opening of Asia in Amsterdam, we were struck by how many books and illustrations in the exhibit lent themselves to coloring.  Many of the books printed in the 17th century were illustrated with intricate engravings like those seen below.  Here we’ve included the coloring pages we’ll be bringing to PEM/PM: Nexus on Thursday, April 21st for attendees to color and display.  We’ll also have some 17th Century texts on hand for inspiration.  Can’t come on Thursday?  Print them at home and tweet us your pictures @PEMLibrary with the #ColorOurCollections. Read more

A Mysterious Find While Processing the E. S. Coe Papers

Item found in MSS 924

  “You are not going to believe what I found now!”  This, believe it or not, is a common statement from my volunteer who spends about 12 hours a week unfolding the tri-folded and bundled papers that make up part of the E. S. Coe collection (see the blog An Introduction to the Papers of E. S. Coe).  Following this statement, I am usually shown papers that were excessively glued together, papers that were glued together and then had some sort of metal fastener punched through them, scraps of what used to be a piece of paper, or our new personal favorite, papers that have been sewn together instead of stapled.

However, what she brought to my attention the other day was something that I was not prepared for.…. Read more