No Postage Required

Paige Besse

Drawer of various Massachusetts postcards for sale at an antique shop in Salem, Mass. Photo by Paige Besse.

After a few minutes of flipping through a box at a shop in Essex, I picked it up: a simple view of the Old State House in Boston with a slightly scorched edge. It was my first card. I started a few years ago, picking up postcards from various places along the North Shore of Massachusetts, focusing my purchases on prints on local places I knew well and on certain print eras. With a background in History, I revel in seeing places from a past perspective and am instinctively drawn to the dusty and worn. Read more

What speaks to me – Dean Lahikainen

Susan Flynn

137863, Classical revival card table made for Crowninshieldʹs Cleopatraʹs Barge 1816.

This piece first appeared in Connections, PEM’s member magazine, and is part of a series where our curators are asked to tell about a piece in the collection that intrigues them.

George Crowninshield Jr., the son of one of Salem’s wealthiest shipping merchants, was something of a showboat. With his father’s fortunes he not only commissioned America’s first private yacht, Cleopatra’s Barge, but he hired the finest craftsmen to make the furnishings. Read more