Cross-Culture meets Steel-Cut

By Nikki Vergakes, PR intern

Anila Agha’s Intersections, taken by Nikki Vergakes. 2016.

Intersections, by Pakistani-American artist Anila Quayyum Agha, creates a mesmeric experience rich in light, shadows and sociopolitical commentary. It is a beautiful, immersive piece that came from a dark place of oppression.  Created with intricate themes of cultural multiplicity in mind, the piece riffs on design themes from the Alhambra Palace. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better first press preview to attend as an intern.  Unlike PEM’s usual press receptions, this one focused on local Instagram photographers. Read more

Patron Recap 2015

2015 reading room visits by location.

2015 proved to be an exciting and innovative year in the Phillips Library reading room.  The above map is a representation of at least one in-person visit from 195 cities worldwide.  Researchers came from down the street to down under, researching topics ranging from the historical, to the literary, to the scientific.  In our second full year open in our Peabody location we continue to be utilized by the scholarly and public community alike. Read more