Making Progress

Making Progress - Backstage ProjectPeople have been asking us at the Phillips Library what has been happening in the library this past year.  I will tell you that there has been a lot of activity behind the scenes.

As most of you know we had been preparing the collections for a move to a temporary facility to allow our building to be renovated.   Inventory of all collections has been completed.  Library collections that have not been cataloged are cataloged.  All our collections that are card cataloged in the reading room are being converted to MARC format and currently being added into our online catalog, PHILCAT.  And last month we moved the entire collection into our temporary facility.

The Phillips Library hired Backstage Library Works to bring in a professional cataloging team to catalog our uncataloged collections.  These include The Frasier Clark Hawthorne Collection, Herwitz Art Collection, Early English and American Imprints, Asian Language Material, Natural History Collections, Canadian Chart Collection, Logbooks, Account Books, Sermons, and Diaries. This portion of the project is complete.  All of these bibliographic records are available in our online catalog PHILCAT,

In addition, Backstage Library Works in Utah are currently converting all of our paper card catalog items, 159 drawers of shelf list cards or roughly 100,000 bibliographic records, into MARC format.  Every shelf list card was scanned.  The scanned images were sent to Utah for conversion.  These records will be available this year in PHILCAT.  This includes all of the Essex County Collection, China Ward Collection, Dewey Collection, Story Collection, Wheatland Collection, Biography Collection, Juvenile Collection, Fiction Collection, Hymnals, Cook Book Collection, Almanacs, Broadsides, Microfilm Newspapers, 19th Century Serials, and Analytics.

The final project is reclassification of our printed collections.  Once our records are converted into MARC format, most all of our printed items will be reclassified and integrated into Library of Congress classification.

Let me touch base a minute on numbers.  150,000 bar codes have been placed on our material.  The onsite cataloging team handled 24,024 items.  The final item count for of our printed collections is yet to be determined.  The reclassification and integration will begin in late summer and should finish in the fall.    So stay tuned!

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