Books in the Golden Age

Photography by Catherine Robertson.

From time to time, items from the Phillips Library get selected for exhibition in the galleries over at the museum. Similar to the paintings or silk tapestries on the wall of an exhibition, books obviously have more of a story to tell than what appears at first glance. The Asia in Amsterdam exhibition opening this week features a number of books from the Phillips Library, but their secure placement in cases throughout the galleries brings to mind the old adage that books shouldn’t be judged just by their covers – or in this particular instance, their covers or the particular set of pages you can see as the book sits open. This post means to dig a little deeper into a number of the books currently on display.

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The Phillips Library is excited to participate in #ColorOurCollections week (1–5 February 2016).  This special collections “coloring fest” was inspired by the New York Academy of Medicine’s success with a coloring book based on materials in their collection put out a couple of years ago.

We encourage our followers to print out the images we post this week, color them in, snap a picture, and tweet them back to us!  We will try to entice you with multiple images from our eclectic collections…

Original rough design of the Peabody Museum of Salem's seal by F. W. Benson, 1867. MH 88, box 15, folder 9.

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