Greetings from the Christmas Cards

Last year for Christmas, we featured a few friends of ours exploring the collections of the Phillips Library. During their adventures, they came across a manuscript collection that gets mentioned frequently this time of year at the library. Our Greeting Card Collection includes greeting cards from a variety of holidays and occasions throughout the calendar year, but the selection of Christmas cards stands out.

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The Night the Grand Union Hotel Became a Memory

Nora Riediger

Detail of the circular published by the Frank Cousins Art Company to announce the publication of a set of photographs of the closing night of the Grand Union Hotel in New York City.

Indeed, on the very night of the closing of the Grand Union Hotel in New York City, Mr. Frank Cousins (1851-1925) of Salem, proprietor of the Frank Cousins Art Company, produced a set of sixteen photographs, which are today held by the Phillips Library as part of the Frank Cousins Collection. Nowadays, Cousins is best remembered for his visual records of – mostly but not exclusively – the Colonial style architecture of Salem, its vicinity, and the upper eastern seaboard. Over his active years (1890s-1920s) he developed a thoroughly characteristic style, revealing a very structured approach to his subjects and a high degree of attention to detail, which makes his work intriguing as more than just documentation of architecture. Read more