Josiah Cotton Preaching to the Indians


List of Indian sermons preached by Josiah Cotton, 1709-1710

While processing the papers of Reverend Joseph B. Felt of Salem, Massachusetts, I came across an interesting document. It is a tattered handwritten sheet of paper, repaired with tape, entitled “Indian sermons preached from October 28, 1709 to September 28, 1710.” You can read a list of places and dates and a brief text. It is signed by Josiah Cotton.

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Bon Appetite!

Reading Room Display - Cookbooks, September 2013

We have now been open at our new temporary location for a little over one month, and the Reading Room has had a number of visitors from around the country and around the world.  As a new member of the reference staff I am excited to have the opportunity to learn about the Phillips Library collections both through our researchers and the other staff members.  After much discussion with the reference staff it was decided that an exhibit would be a nice addition to our new space.

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