Sketched at War

Ft. Macon & Beaufort NC Harbor

Fort Macon and Beaufort, North Carolina harbor sketched from Morehead City in 1863

Many of you have read about and may have participated in events honoring the Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the American Civil War.  This blog entry honors one of Salem’s residents, Herbert E. Valentine, who chronicled the war with sepia and watercolor sketches while in service with the 23rd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.

Left:  Steamer Vidette; Right:  Schooner Highlander

Left - Valentine was a Commissary on the Steamer Vidette from December 25, 1861 to May 7, 1862; Right - Schooner Highlander, which transported the right wing of the 23rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry; sketches are not dated

In his book commemorating the men of Co. F., 101 Brush Drawings in Sepia & Neutral Tint from Sketches made during the Civil War, Valentine stated that his drawings had been made between Octo. 5th. 1861 and Octo. 14th. 1964, upon cast-off cuffs, writing and mapping paper, backs of old envelopes &c.&c. under the varying conditions of army life. Read more

Celebrating a Poet, A Self-Taught Artist, An Educator and A Lover of Nature

Three Titles Written by Lydia Louise Ann Very

Left to Right: An Old Fashioned Garden, And Walks and Musings Therin (1900); Sayings and Doings Among Insects and Flowers (1898); and A Strange Disclosure, A Tale of New England Life (1898)

March is National Women’s History Month, which celebrates the many different roles played by women throughout history, many of whom pushed beyond the stereotypes of their time.  April is National Poetry Month, during which the role of poetry in our lives is celebrated.  This blog post about Lydia Louise Ann Very (1823-1901), a talented, self-taught artist, educator, and poet, spans both of these celebrations.

Lydia L. A. Very

Image of Lydia Louise A. Very, printed on Frontispiece in An Old-Fashioned Garden, And Walks and Musings Therin (1900)

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Phillips Library Advent Calendar, December 25

Painting of Ship, British Nation, Christmas Day Off the Five Islands, Painted by H. Noyes Lewis

Painting of Ship, British Nation, Christmas Day Off the Five Islands, Painted by H. Noyes Lewis

Remember the image of the sailor placing a Christmas tree on the mast of a ship, which was the subject of the December 2nd blog?  Well, we have come full circle.  This image depicts a ship fully decked out for Christmas, following the custom of hoisting an array of colorful signal flags amongst the rigging with sails unfurled. Read more