Celebrating Fathers

Contentment, Industry, and Hospitality

Contentment, Industry, and Hospitality from Moral Picture Book reproduced from original in Bodleian Library, inscribed 1852

As soon as I finished writing the blog post honoring mothers in May, I knew I would do the same this month to honor fathers.   It was a bit more of a challenge to locate illustrative text for this entry but I soon remembered the poetry by Anne Bradstreet, considered by many to be the first female poet to be published in America.  The daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley and the wife of Governor Simon Bradstreet, founders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Bradstreet arrived in Salem in July 1630 after a journey from England aboard the Arbella.  Read more

Celebrating Mothers

Motherhood and Maternité Etchings

Etchings: Left, Motherhood; Right, Maternité, Arthur William Heintzelman, Etcher : An Appreciation of the Man and His Work with an Authoritative List of His Etchings

Recently, Creative Services asked me to provide images of mothers and children to highlight a Mother’s Day Brunch announcement in the May/June issue of Connections, the members’ magazine published by PEM.  Many options were found, all of which provided beautiful representations of motherhood.  While looking for these images, I could not resist the pull to identify selections in our print collection that honor mothers – thus, this blog post began to take shape.  Being the mother of a daughter adopted more than thirty-five years ago has been my greatest joy – it is my pleasure to share these images and texts with you. Read more

Sketched at War

Ft. Macon & Beaufort NC Harbor

Fort Macon and Beaufort, North Carolina harbor sketched from Morehead City in 1863

Many of you have read about and may have participated in events honoring the Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the American Civil War.  This blog entry honors one of Salem’s residents, Herbert E. Valentine, who chronicled the war with sepia and watercolor sketches while in service with the 23rd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.

Left:  Steamer Vidette; Right:  Schooner Highlander

Left - Valentine was a Commissary on the Steamer Vidette from December 25, 1861 to May 7, 1862; Right - Schooner Highlander, which transported the right wing of the 23rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry; sketches are not dated

In his book commemorating the men of Co. F., 101 Brush Drawings in Sepia & Neutral Tint from Sketches made during the Civil War, Valentine stated that his drawings had been made between Octo. 5th. 1861 and Octo. 14th. 1964, upon cast-off cuffs, writing and mapping paper, backs of old envelopes &c.&c. under the varying conditions of army life. Read more