Conversant Celebrates 100th Post

The most popular tags used in the first 100 posts on Conversant!

The Phillips Library is pleased to celebrate our 100th blog post!  Conversant has been bringing you thought-provoking, stimulating (and occasionally humorous) insights into the Phillips Library collections for almost two years.  Check out our contributors’ nine favorite posts below.  Here’s to the next hundred! Read more

What’s On My Cart?

Last month we introduced a new series we’re calling “What’s on my cart?” with a spotlight on Sarah Jennette’s cart of books to be cataloged.  As a reference librarian, the items on my cart are pulled not because they need to be cataloged, but because our patrons or staff have requested them.  Items on my cart range from books, and photographs, to manuscript folders and boxes, broadsides, and other odds and ends needed by our constituents. Read more

New Frontiers on the Old Frontier: ARLIS/NA 2015

Fort Worth Conference Tote Bag and Program

Art Libraries Society of North American Conference, 2015. Photo by Catherine Robertson/PEM.

It was 6:10am on a cold, windy Thursday morning in Boston, Massachusetts when my plane took off for Fort Worth, Texas and my first ever ARLIS/NA (Art Libraries Society of North America) national conference.  This was also my first foray into the great state of Texas, land of Southern hospitality and all things cowboy.  I had been looking forward to this trip since its planning inception in September, 2014 and could hardly believe that the day had finally arrived. Read more