Miniature Books at PEM/PM

Ask any librarian and they will tell you that every book has something that makes it “special.”  Here at the Phillips Library our shelves are filled with books that are rare and unique in myriad ways.  Some are signed by the author or a notable owner.  Some are centuries old and have survived unknown trials.  Some are the only known copy in the United States, or even the world.  And some are special in part because of their size.  This post will look at some of our smallest books. Read more

Conversant Celebrates 100th Post

The most popular tags used in the first 100 posts on Conversant!

The Phillips Library is pleased to celebrate our 100th blog post!  Conversant has been bringing you thought-provoking, stimulating (and occasionally humorous) insights into the Phillips Library collections for almost two years.  Check out our contributors’ nine favorite posts below.  Here’s to the next hundred! Read more

What’s On My Cart?

Last month we introduced a new series we’re calling “What’s on my cart?” with a spotlight on Sarah Jennette’s cart of books to be cataloged.  As a reference librarian, the items on my cart are pulled not because they need to be cataloged, but because our patrons or staff have requested them.  Items on my cart range from books, and photographs, to manuscript folders and boxes, broadsides, and other odds and ends needed by our constituents. Read more