Fly Me to the Moon

Photo by Allison White/PEM.

As a reference librarian one of my favorite parts of my job is helping researchers find the answers to their (many) burning questions.  Most often, this involves working with our patrons in the reading room.  However, on several happy occasions, it has meant working with the PEM curatorial staff doing exhibition research and development.  Most recently, the library has worked in close conjunction with the curatorial team working on Lunar Attractions, which just opened in the Art and Nature Center. Read more

Constantly Growing: New Books at the Phillips Library

Books being prepped for transfer to museum colleagues.

Though many of our patrons are familiar with our vast store of books which are older than the oldest living person, we are also constantly purchasing contemporary books to support the current (and future) work of our colleagues at the museum and the work of our library staff.  As a reference librarian, part of my job includes receiving requests for books, finding available copies for sale, purchasing and receiving, and then sending them to the appropriate staff member once they’ve been catalogedRead more