David Pingree (1795-1863), Lumber Baron


"Building a snow road" Oxbow Flats, Maine
March 10, 1931, unknown photographer

The recently processed collection of David Pingree Papers includes documents relating to his involvement in the land and lumber business as well as the shipping papers mentioned in the recently published blog, David Pingree, Shipping Merchant.  The collection is central to the study of many important subjects in early American history, notably major developments in American commerce. The papers of the logging operations and land holdings provide economic and social historical information on New England and Maine lumbering.

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An Eclectic Collection

Shelf detail, DS

Library collection development can be a complex process. As a rule, unless yours is a legal deposit repository, some manner of selection has to take place. Every institution has constraints of space and budget which require limits to be set. A library chooses particular areas in which to collect and holds to those, in order to keep the collection germane to its mission. For the Phillips, a library with a long and tangled history, that mission has not remained constant, and so our collecting interests have shifted.

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