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Behind the Scenes: Rare Bird of Fashion with Deirdre Windsor
Peabody Essex Museum, 2009


A Behind the Scenes Interview with textile conservator Deirdre Windsor as she prepares for Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel.


Artist Profile: Heidi Aishman
Trash Menagerie PEM, 2009

Trash Menagerie artist Heidi Aishman creates playful animal images out of recycled and used makeup. Watch as she draws and paints a guinea pig using mascara, nail polish, foundation and blush. Her I’m So Beautiful series portrays the animals typically used for cosmetic testing.

Cole and the Peabody Essex Museum
Peabody Essex Museum


Cole is passionate about PEM. With his parents, this 18-month-old lover of art and culture makes new, lasting discoveries each time he visits.

Video directed and shot by Museum Action Corps (MAC) intern Susan Fuller.


Behind the Scenes: Inside the Qianlong Garden with NBC and Matt Lauer
CNBC, 2009


NBC correspondent Matt Lauer and Henry Ng, Executive Vice President of the World Monuments Fund, bring us inside the Qianlong Garden.


Behind the Scenes: Down By The Sea!
Trash Menagerie PEM, 2009

PEM hosted "Down by the Sea!" at Dead Horse Beach in Salem in conjunction with the exhibition Trash Menagerie. More than 75 adults and kids helped environmental artist Kyle Browne create a giant sea turtle sculpture using found natural materials and beach debris. The July 11, 2009, event doubled as a beach cleanup - all the trash was later deposited in trash and recycling bins.

East India Marine Hall
EIMH Video 360


East India Marine Hall is one of PEM's most popular event spaces. This impressive, elegant ballroom -- the focal point for banquets and toasts for nearly 200 years -- features objects and works of art brought back by entrepreneurs who sailed the world. For more information, please contact the Functions Department at 978-745-9500, ext. 3115.


Ann Smith Animations
"Poly": MAC Intern Video Project
Trash Menagerie PEM, 2009
Visit PEM!
Peabody Essex Museum
Kahurangi Maori Dance Company Performance
Peabody Essex Museum, 2008
Bride Wars: 20th Century Fox
Shot on Location in East India Marine Hall PEM, 2008
Weekend Festivals
Peabody Essex Museum

Throughout the year, PEM offers free, fun-filled weekend festivals for all ages. These multicultural programs feature art activities, performing arts, workshops, artist demonstrations, tours, films, presentations and more.

Wedded Visions: A Media Mosaic
Wedded Bliss PEM, 2008

This video mosaic includes images from iconic weddings as well as an international array of more intimate portraits — many submitted by museum visitors. The celebratory media installation played in the Wedded Bliss Gallery during PEM’s 2008 exhibition.


Musical score by James Forrest -

Artist Profile: Phil Lowe
Samuel McIntire, Carving an American Style PEM, 2007
Artist Profile

Master furniture maker Phillip Lowe demonstrates some of the same techniques that Samuel McIntire used during his career in the late 18th century as Salem’s preeminent wood carver and architect.

Artist Profile: Liu Xaindong, Painter of Social Upheaval
© Gebruder-Beetz Filmproduktion, Mahjong PEM, 2009
Artist Profile: Cao Fei, Multi-Media Artist Between Worlds
© Gebruder-Beetz Filmproduktion, Mahjong PEM, 2009
Behind The Scenes: William Rush Figurehead Conservation
Peabody Essex Museum, 2008
What's The Point?
MAC Internship Project PEM, 2006
Artist Profile: Contemporary Furnituremakers Explore Chinese Traditions
Inspired by China PEM, 2006
Artist Profile

Furnituremakers  J.M. Syron and Bonnie Bishoff demonstrate a polymer clay veneer technique. Their small chest was on view in Inspired by China, Contemporary Furnituremakers Explore Chinese Traditions, which began with a three-day workshop for artists so they could examine historic pieces and then draw from the forms and materials to create their own works of art for the exhibition the following year.

On Exhibit: Working Chinese Automaton Clock (1736-1796)
Emperor Looks West PEM, 2006
Behind The Scenes: Photographing the Eccleston Screen
Peabody Essex Museum, 2009

PEM staff documented how this monumental 12-panel room screen was moved and photographed to make high-resolution images available to scholars worldwide. The screen was made in the 1730s for John Eccleston, a silk merchant and director of the British East India Company. See it for yourself in the Asian Export Art: China Gallery, Level 2.