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      Yin Yu Tang: A Chinese Home

      Piece by Piece

      About the book

      I feel the sun shining down on me and my smile beams the open sky.
      I twirl like the dragons on the window screens, winding and free.
      I soar like the sparrows in the courtyard, leaping up to peer over the edge of the pool.
      I think of Nainai and anything’s possible.

      PEM's first children's book, Piece by Piece, tells the story of a young girl named Emmy and her visit to Yin Yu Tang, the Chinese home at the museum. Emmy Wu loses her beloved blanket, made especially for her by her grandmother, Nainai. Looking high and low, she winds up on a magical journey of discovery and wonder, reminded of both her blanket and her Nainai as she explores all the nooks and crannies of Yin Yu Tang. But will she find her blanket before it’s too late? Remembering Nainai’s wisdom, she has not only good luck but the love of her family, too. Written by Susan Tan and illustrated by Justine Wong, Piece by Piece is published by PEM and Six Foot Press.

      Susan Tan reading a book in Yin Yu Tng

      Susan Tan wanted to become a children’s book writer since the eighth grade. Her love for art and storytelling stems from her grandmother, an art historian. Tan is the author of Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire, Cilla Lee-Jenkins: This Book Is a Classic and Cilla Lee-Jenkins: The Epic Story. Visit her online at

      Photo by Bob Packert/PEM.

      Justine Wong is an illustrator and multimedia artist based in Toronto. Piece by Piece is her first illustrated children’s book. When she’s not traveling along Japan’s coastline or drawing in her journal, Wong spends time with her two cats, Kumo and Opal. See more of her work at

      Photo courtesy of the artist.

      Justine Wong
      Published by the museum, this well-researched and engaging intergenerational picture book will encourage cultural, architectural, and archaeological curiosity.”
      — School Library Journal
      Piece by Piece book

      Piece by Piece

      Piece by Piece is available in the Museum Shop and can be purchased online.

      Apron making activity

      A special apron-making activity that accompanies the book is also available here (PDF). Try out your new apron with the sweet dumpling recipe found here (PDF)! Print out these fun coloring pages (PDF) taken from illustrations in Piece by Piece.

      Apron Making kit

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