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Samuel Pickman House

Tune into the PEM Walks audio postcard below to listen to a tour of the Pickman House:

Dating back to 1665, the Samuel Pickman House is a medieval or First Period building, the period that is the earliest style of architecture found in New England. The building stands on its original site, located behind PEM’s main building on Charter Street. The house was restored by Historic Salem in 1969 and purchased by the museum in 1983. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Samual Pickman, the first occupant of the home, was a mariner. The Samuel Pickman House is an important first-period structure in many regards. It is one of few 17th-century Salem structures that survive on its original foundation and contains several rare and one-of-a-kind features, including elaborately carved interior post corbels.

Steven Mallory showing an interior wood carved beam in the Pickman house

Photography by Kathy Tarantola/PEM.

Partnering with the City of Salem, the Pickman House functions as a welcoming center for visitors to the historic Charter Street Cemetery. This is the oldest cemetery in Salem and one of the oldest in the United States and it also abuts the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.

Photography by Kathy Tarantola/PEM