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The Salem Witch Trials Walk

Enjoy our self-guided audio walking tour, which takes you inside the galleries and outside the museum to learn more about the infamous events of 1692. As you view authentic objects and stop at key sites around Salem, PEM curators and experts share a behind-the-scenes perspective of some of the most compelling stories in Salem.

The actual objects are a portal to understanding 1692 and the culture in which these events happened.

– PEM Associate Curator Sarah Chasse

Tour starts in the museum and takes approximately 1 hour. Included with admission and available during regular museum hours.

Please note: A Wi-Fi enabled device is needed and use of earbuds or headphones is recommended. Some of this material is difficult for younger audiences.

The Salem Witch Trials Walk is generously supported by the George S. Parker Fund.

The Salem Witch Trials Walk iPhone view