PEM Prize

Civic Engagement

The Civic Engagement Programs developed in conjunction with the PEM Prize offer an opportunity to broaden the scope of the programs offered in collaboration with our community partners. It is a moment to consider how the work of artist Carlos Garaicoa and the Partitura exhibition can be a source of inspiration for our community members. The goal is to take what Carlos introduced to our museum space out into other community spaces through music, conversations and programs. Not only do we want to expand our understanding of what arts enrichment programming can look like, but we also want to use the arts in its various forms to prompt ongoing dialogue between the museum and its neighbors.

Remix Song Writing Workshop led by Cate O’Brien
Partitura joyfully celebrates the potential for unity to emerge from diversity and the power of collaboration across cultures and genres. Leading this workshop is Caitlyn O’Brien, a singersongwriter, producer and DJ based out of Boston. Caitlyn will take inspiration from Partitura to lead YMCA youth through the production of creating songs using the remixing of lyrics, sounds and music.

Meet & Greet with Carlos Garaicoa and Salem YMCA Youth
The arts programming at the YMCA sparks creativity in our local youth, and includes offerings such as playwriting, comedy, improv, full-scale musical and theatrical performances. We are inviting youth in grades K-5 to experience Partitura, meet the artist, and engage in educator-led activities.

Community Listening Sessions with Latinx Community Members
PEM is taking steps toward expanding its reach to the prominent Latinx community in Salem and neighboring cities to create more spaces for dialogue. These Listening Sessions will encourage input and feedback to help PEM move forward in fostering a greater sense of belonging for our Latinx neighbors.

Musical Concert at PEM for Community Partners
Carlos Garaicoa has imagined a new kind of orchestra made up of individual recordings of street musicians who vary radically in cultural background, skill level and musical tradition. This concept will be integrated into an original concert at PEM with musicians that represent a diversity of cultures and performance styles.

Meet & Greet with Carlos Garaicoa and LEAP for Education Youth
The goals that drive the museum’s Bilingual Initiative continue to expand beyond text translations into our community partnerships. Our work with LEAP for Education and their EL Street youth who are English Language Learners has led to conversations about greater representation of Latinx culture and identity at PEM. Partitura offers a multicultural presentation that offers different points from which to connect the artist and LEAP’s students.