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      The Pod

      The Birdcase

      Backyard Birds & Beyond includes a display of 86 local and migratory birds plus select bird carvings and other artwork. An interactive digital console features video clips, songs, calls, and “fast facts” for over 30 of the birds. There are also videos of dancer Laura Kathrein moving like a hummingbird and a swan, as part of her iEmbody Animal series!

      A young child exploring the Backyard Birds and Beyond interactive in front of the Birdcase.
      © 2019 Peabody Essex Museum. Photography by Mel Taing

      Fly outside with these free resources to extend your experience of backyard birds and beyond.

      Audubon Bird Guide

      Phone-ready field guide to birds of North America, including bird songs and calls

      Birdwatching on the North Shore

      Local bird walks and talks
      Field list and notes on birds of Essex County

      Cornell Lab – All about Birds

      Online guide to birds and birdwatching in the U.S.


      Track all the birds you see in the field


      Explore and share your observations of birds and other nature sightings

      BELOW IMAGE: Guests explore the Backyard Birds interactive console. © 2019 Peabody Essex Museum. Photography by Bob Packert.