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Shadow Tree

Sculptor Elizabeth Keithline spent a week making a wire weaving of a 30-year-old Japanese zelkova on PEM’s campus to create Shadow Tree, a floor to ceiling sculpture in the Pod. After weaving the tree, she snipped through the weft to unwrap the woven form and then brought the tree to be galvanized in sections before bringing it back to install in the gallery. Keithline also created a series of Shadow Birds for the Pod.

Watch the Making of Shadow Tree


Elizabeth Keithline in process of wire wrapping one of the Japanese zelkova trees that flank either side of the Gardner-Pingree House's front door for Shadow Tree. © 2018 Peabody Essex Museum. Photography by Ken Sawyer

Expod Shadowtree1A
Elizabeth Keithline chats with passersby on Essex Street. © 2018 Peabody Essex Museum. Photography by Ken Sawyer.


Shadow Tree in the Pod. © 2019 Peabody Essex Museum. Photography by Kathy Tarantola.


Elizabeth Keithline, behind the scenes during install of Shadow Birds. © 2019 Peabody Essex Museum. Photography by Kathy Tarantola

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