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  1. Visit

    Adults $20, seniors $18, students (with ID) $12, Youth (16 and under) and Salem, Mass. residents (with ID) admitted free*. (*Does not apply to youth in student...

  2. Explore Art

    Have you ever considered a museum's collection an invitation to investigate your own relationship to creativity, or to interpret art and culture?

  3. The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition

    In August 1914 Ernest Shackleton and his crew left Britain for the Antarctic on the Endurance. 80 miles from it's destination, the ship was caught in ice and sank.

  4. Frank W. Benson: American Impressionist

    He was one of the last great American Impressionists and among the most celebrated painters of his day. Frank W. Benson brilliantly captured the effects of light on the physical world.

  5. Painting Summer in New England

    New England is renowned for the summer delights and leisure activities afforded by its mountains, villages, and seacoast. Painters have captured these activities and landscapes on canvas.

  6. All Mods

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  7. Exposing the Source: the Paintings of Nalini Malani

    Exposing the Source: The Paintings of Nalini Malani presents two decades of the artist’s projects as a painter. Drawn principally from the PEM's Collection of Contemporary Indian Art.

  8. Owls in Art and Nature

    Owls have long held a fascination for people, whether as symbols of good or evil, of wisdom, or harbingers of doom. This exhibition explores the connections between people and owls.

  9. Inspired by China, Contemporary Furnituremakers Explore Chinese…

    Chinese design has long been a source of inspiration for European and American furnituremakers—the Chippendale style, the Aesthetic style, and modernist design, are some well-known examples.