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      A tessellation is a type of pattern made up of repeated shapes that fit together without any overlaps or gaps. Picture an almost never-ending puzzle where all the shapes fit together perfectly and the pattern can go on forever. Look for examples of these types of patterns in nature (honeycomb and snakeskin are both tessellations), as well as in art and architecture, to use as inspiration as you create your own!

      • Paper
      • Scissors
      • Tape
      • Pencil
      • Coloring supplies

      Step 1: Make your tessellation shape. Take a small square piece of paper (about 3” by 3”) and draw a line on it from top to bottom. The line should not be straight; it can be a curve, zig-zag pattern or both.

      Step 2: Cut along the line to separate the paper into two pieces.

      Step 3: Layer your two pieces of paper, placing one on top of the other. Make sure to line up the straight edges of the paper. Tape the two papers together.

      Step 4: Draw a second line, this time from left to right on the taped and layered shape. Cut along this line.

      Step 5: Layer the top piece of the shape underneath the bottom piece to line up and tape. You should end up with all of the straight edges of the original square taped together inside a new shape.

      Step 6: Now create designs with your tessellation shape. Trace the outline of your tessellation shape in the center of a new sheet of paper. You should be able to trace it above, below and on either side to repeat the pattern across the page.

      Step 7: Decorate your design with colored pencils or markers however you wish!

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