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      Recyclable collages

      Recycling is a proactive way we can help reduce trash and the release of greenhouse gases in landfills. Did you know many items buried in landfills could have been recycled? Consider these easy tips! First, always check what is accepted as recyclable in your community. Second, not all plastic, paper and glass are made equal — some of these materials can’t always be recycled. Third, be sure to clean your items before recycling them. For this project, consider creative ways to reuse recyclable items.

      • Recyclable materials
      • Cardboard
      • Plastic and paper bags
      • Newspaper
      • Plastic bottles
      • Soda cans
      • Scissors
      • Glue
      • Canvas (plank of wood or thick cardboard works great!)
      • Markers and paint (optional)

      Step 1: Collect your materials. Find a flat material to use as the canvas for your collage. Items like cardboard or wood scraps work great. You can collage onto any size or shape canvas. Grab scissors and glue and look through your recyclables to find the items you would like to use for your collage. Tip: To add more color to your collage, consider painting your recyclables.

      Step 2: Look at what you collected. Think about how you want to use them on your canvas. If you need some inspiration, start with these prompts:

      Landscapes: Crumpled plastic bags or toilet paper rolls make great tree trunks and branches. Water and soda bottle caps work as leaves on branches. Plastic wrappers (cut like fringe) work well for grass. Corrugated cardboard can be used to form cityscapes.

      Portraits: The curves in plastic bottles, containers and caps can form the contours of a face or body. Corrugated cardboard adds depth and texture since it can be cut and formed however you like!

      Step 3: Before assembling your collage, paint your materials if desired. Tip: One way to create a background for your collage is to add painted newspaper.

      Step 4: Arrange and glue your materials onto your canvas. During this process, you can easily add or subtract materials and even change your subject.

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      Show Us!

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