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Professional Development for Teachers

Come to PEM to get inspired, connect with colleagues and advance your classroom teaching with opportunities especially designed for teachers.

Professional Development Opportunities for Educators

The museum offers professional development sessions on topics such as object-based teaching, interdisciplinary learning, creative expression and writing inspired by art. Customized workshops may be available for small groups of 10 or more teachers to learn about our collections or special exhibitions.

Interdisciplinary Learning in the Museum and Classroom
Explore interdisciplinary learning against the backdrop of PEM's exhibitions and collection. Inspired by works of art that link the visual arts to a variety of other disciplines, teachers take part in lively discussions, make connections to classroom teaching and practice developing interdisciplinary lesson plans with other participants.

Write at the Museum! Making Objects Come Alive to Promote Literacy Skills
How can objects tell a story? Look at objects in the museum’s collection as inspiration for writing and discover how object-based learning can be applied to classroom teaching. Learn how to view objects with students and how students can develop a variety of written responses to works of art.

Discover the Art of Object-based Teaching!
Objects and artwork come to life through the use of open-ended questioning strategies. Explore the educational potential of objects in PEM’s collection and learn how using objects in your classroom can engage students in inquiry and collaborative learning while building observation and communication skills.

Contact us at teacherprograms.org to find out more or to schedule a workshop.