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Generation PEM (GenPEM) of the Peabody Essex Museum is a newly formed community of museum appreciators, professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and collectors. We believe that creativity is everywhere and in everyone. Join us as our partner as we celebrate the power of creativity at PEM, in our lives, at work and beyond.

This group will expand our community outside the museum walls through a series of pop-up events designed to connect with living artists through PEM’s Present Tense Initiative, led by Curator Trevor Smith. We will also host innovative events and curator-led tours at the museum. We anticipate three pop-ups per year and one annual museum based event.

Participate in GenPEM to bring our mission into practice + create impact. Contact to get involved.

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Events \\ GenPEM

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Events \\ GenPEM

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I am a regular attendee at GenPEM events - an opportunity for all "gens," but particularly young professionals, to investigate and enjoy the wonder of the Peabody Essex Museum. Their evening festivities and openings are an absolute blast with access to new exhibits, themed cocktails, dj sets and all the things that make a night at the Museum memorable! – Kristen Vagliardo

GenPEM events that are held in and around Boston have been held in eclectic venues where I really felt like I stumbled upon some secret society of forward-thinking artists. I like attending GenPEM events because I know I will be inspired by the art and people at the events. There's always good conversation, cool music, and great art. – Ed Guild

GenPEM starts where a museum normally stops, engaging the community with makers, artists, and local businesses through interesting events. – Alden Hawkins

As an arts professional with small artfully-minded children, PEM is my go-to for unbound art exploration. Whether I am escorting clients or little guys, I've found the quality of the exhibitions and events accessible yet remarkable, informative yet mystical (in all the right ways). PEM is our touchstone for quality art experiences. I am so excited to see how this new, community-driven group steered by the tenacious Trevor Smith will further broaden creative adventures. – Caroline Cox

GenPEM Steering Committee Members

Amy Brooks
Caroline Cox
Torry Cullen
Joe Davies
Audrey Harrer
Alden Hawkins
Phil Higgins
Olivia Ives - Flores
Niho Kozuru
Mallie Pratt
Zainab Sumu
Kristen Vagliardo
Jason Williams

We are dedicated to building bridges across our networks and communities. Your participation is crucial, so join us in growing GenPEM and engaging with the best in creativity and innovation. We also depend on the generosity of our participants to produce these events, so please consider donating to PEM’s Annual Fund, or joining GenPEM.

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