Konstantin Dimopoulos: The Blue Trees

Public Art Installation and Community Collaboration

Installation starts April 20, 2022 (weather permitting).

Konstantin Dimopoulos’ The Blue Trees installation is an environmental call to action. Using a biologically-safe watercolor and a team of community volunteers, the artist temporarily transforms a selection of trees on PEM's campus to focus our attention on the growing issue of deforestation and other threats to trees around the globe. The harmless blue colorant will wash away over time, and the trees will gradually return to their natural state.

Why blue? Dimopoulos chose this color because blue trees do not exist in nature. By doing so, he compels us to take notice of these otherworldly trees and prompts a larger conversation about the role of trees in our local environment and elsewhere on the planet — where rampant deforestation is a significant contributor to climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

The installation on PEM's campus is the 27th international Blue Trees installation by Dimopoulos and the first one in the Greater Boston area. The Blue Trees take their place in a long line of public works by this award-winning artist, all with a strong social conscience that span a wide array of media and concerns.

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Participation time slots for each day will be posted at a later date. Check back to sign up for a time to take part in creating this installation.

Location: PEM campus

The Blue Trees: Frequently Asked Questions