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Jane Winchell, The Sarah Fraser Robbins Director of the Art & Nature Center

Winchell has been the director of PEM's Dotty Brown Art & Nature Center since its founding in 2003. She started at PEM in 1992 as curator of the Natural History collection and led development of the museum's original Art & Nature Center, as well as the newly revamped and expanded Center that opened in 2013. Winchell has curated more than 10 popular interactive/interdisciplinary shows for PEM, including Sizing It Up: Scale in Nature and Art, Branching Out: Trees as Art, Beyond Human: Artist–Animal Collaborations, Eye Spy: Playing with Perception, Trash Menagerie, and Origami Now! She is currently working on Lunar Attractions, a 2016 exhibition that features artworks and interactives that explore our longstanding fascination and connection with the moon. Her research and writings have been published in scientific journals, technical memoranda, museum catalogs and the popular press. She holds a B.A. in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic, and two graduate degrees: an M.S. in Science Communication and an M.A. in Biology, both from Boston University. Follow @janeywinchell on Instagram.