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Visiting Researchers

The Phillips Library will be moving from its temporary facility in Peabody to a new location this fall. This move is part of the Peabody Essex Museum's plan to improve storage conditions for its museum and library collections. In order to carry out the move, the Library and Reading Room will be closed and all access to the collection of books and manuscripts will be suspended from September 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018. We regret any inconvenience or hardship this may cause to researchers and we encourage researchers to visit or make inquiries prior to September. Further information about the new location will be forthcoming later this summer.

Approved Visiting Researchers may access Phillips Library materials during nonpublic hours by making an appointment for a mutually agreeable time. Approved Visiting Researchers may, of course, visit the library during regular public hours, as well. Those wishing to be considered for Visiting Researcher status must complete the Visiting Researcher Application form.

Visiting Researcher status is granted for a specified duration based on information supplied in the application and generally does not exceed one year. Applications are reviewed by committee and decisions made within approximately two weeks. Requests for renewal of Visiting Researcher status will be considered.

Research Procedures

We encourage patrons to visit our library to conduct their own research, though we understand it is not always possible. We are happy to help with quick requests, but those requiring in-depth research may incur a fee which must be authorized in advance. Reference Department staff will contact you regarding your request to discuss charges and issue an invoice if necessary. Please understand that we cannot guarantee results, but every effort will be made to assist you, and we will document all sources that we consult during the course of our research.

Research requests may be made in writing by post mail or email. Please allow four to six weeks for a response to your request from the time of its receipt. Requests are handled in the order in which they are received. Research Request Form

Photocopy requests must be approved by a librarian. Requests are considered on a case by case basis, and depend upon the size, binding, condition, copyright, and any relevant donor restrictions. Reference staff will determine whether material can be copied and will do its best to meet reasonable requests. The Library's charge for reproduction does not imply an authorization for publication or reproduction. Please fill out our Rights and Reproduction application to request authorization to publish.

All photocopies will be made by a staff member. We strive to complete orders within a reasonable amount of time; expected delivery time will be discussed when an order is placed. A fee of $.50 per printed page or $1.00 per manuscript page will be charged for each copy. Shipping charges will be added when applicable. Copies from microfilm can be made by library patrons at the microfilm copier for $.50 per page.

(The above pricing information is subject to change.)