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PEM Prize Festival Schedule

Sunday, May 22, 2022 | Noon–6 pm

161 Essex Street, Salem
Free admission for all!

Join us for the PEM Prize Festival, an outdoor celebration featuring street musicians from the Greater Boston area curated by PEM and artist Carlos Garaicoa.

Learn about the musicians

10 am–noon | Main Atrium
Join us before the festival begins to listen to musicians Takumi Kakimoto and Andres Guerra and select from a special brunch cafe menu featuring savory and sweet bites and a Mimosa & Bloody Mary bar!

Noon–6 pm | Museum entrance
Live mural painting with artist Anna Dugan.

1–3 pm | Axelrod Walkway
In honor of PEM Prize recipient, Cuban composer Carlos Garaicoa, join us to create your own spinning hand drums. Decorate your percussion instrument and enjoy the sound it creates.

Stage 1
12–12:40 pm: Tony Silva
12:50–1:30 pm: School of Honk
1:40–2:20 pm: Jamaica Plain Saxophone Quartet
2:30–3:10 pm: School of Honk
3:15–3:40 pm: Our Band
3:50–4:30 pm: Eric Royer
5:15–6:00 pm: Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band

Stage 2
12:15–12:55 pm: Ilana Katz
1:05–1:45 pm: David Bowdre
1:55–2:35 pm: Mark Pattison & Sandy Theodorou
2:45–3:25 pm: Jason Ji
3:35–4:15 pm: Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band
4:25–5:05 pm: Grooversity

Stage 3
12–12:40 pm: Ben Cosgrove
12:50–1:30 pm: Mark Pattison & Sandy Theodorou
2:30–3:10 pm: Precious Perez
3:15–3:40 pm: Gabriella Simpkins
3:50–4:30 pm: Mar Fayos
4:35–5:10 pm: Gabriella Simpkins
5:15–6:00 pm: Myles Bullen

Stage 4
12:15–12:55 pm: Andres Guerra
1:05–1:45 pm: Tony Silva
1:55–2:35 pm: Carolyn Peterson & Ruth Levitsky
2:45–3:25 pm: Eric Royer
3:35–4:15 pm: Mike Hastings
4:25–5:05 pm: HobArt Goulart

Stage 5
12:00–12:40 pm: Jamaica Plain Saxophone Quartet
12:50–1:30 pm: Carolyn Peterson & Ruth Levitsky
1:40–2:20 pm: Ilana Katz
2:30–3:10 pm: David Bowdre
3:15–3:40 pm: Qwill
3:50–4:30 pm: Our Band
4:35–5:10 pm: Qwill
5:15–6:00 pm: Mike Hastings

Stage 6
2:30–2:40 pm: Reynaliz Herrera
3:35–3:45 pm: Reynaliz Herrera
3:50–4:30 pm: Jason Ji
4:30–4:40 pm: Reynaliz Herrera
4:40–5:10 pm: Sparky SINN
5:15–5:25 pm: Reynaliz Herrera

Stage 7
12:15–12:55 pm: Vera Meyer
1:05–1:45 pm: Vera Meyer
1:55–2:35 pm: Vera Meyer
3:15–3:40 pm: Grooversity
3:50–4:30 pm: Sparky SINN
4:35–5:10 pm: Myles Bullen
5:15–6:00 pm: Mar Fayos

Stage 8
10–10:45 am: Takumi Kakimoto
11–11:45 am: Andres Guerra
12–12:40 pm: Takumi Kakimoto
12:50–1:30 pm: Ben Cosgrove
1:35–2:05 pm: Precious Perez
2:10–2:40 pm: Ben Cosgrove
2:45–3:15 pm: Tony Silva
3:20–3:50 pm: Ilana Katz
3:55–4:30 pm: HobArt Goulart
4:30 pm: Mahé Marty, Abner Cabrera, Yuval Gur, Ivanna Cuesta, Pablo Catalayud and Ana Esteve Roig; performance of Carlos Garaicoa's Score.

Stage 9
Noon–6 pm Featuring DJ Terrell Greene