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Creative Collaborations

Creative Collaborations creates meaningful partnerships with low resource (Title I) schools and teachers in grades 3, 4 and 5 through sequenced museum visits and object-based lesson plans.

The program supports student learning connected to the art, social studies and language arts curriculum frameworks, while fostering critical and creative thinking skills. Students engage with museum staff and the collection in interactive, inquiry-based learning experiences and have opportunities to make personal connections with works of art. Teachers integrate museum visits into classroom curricula and identify final projects for their students to create back at school. Students have the opportunity to present their work at PEM for parents and friends during a culminating Family Night celebration.

Currently, Creative Collaborations works mainly with local community schools in the Salem and Lynn school districts. The program provides fully subsidized museum visits, covering the costs of transportation, program fees and supplies used at the museum.

Contact martine_malengret-bardosh@pem.org for more information.

Creative Collaborations is made possible by: The Calderwood Charitable Foundation, William Randolph Hearst Foundation, W. Bradford Ingalls Charitable Foundation, Massachusetts Cultural Council, and Salem Five.