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Summer mobile

Mobiles are carefully balanced hanging works of art that can be as simple as a single string of objects tied to a stick or have many tiers of objects suspended. Mobiles are an example of kinetic art as they can move and sway in the air. Ancient examples of hanging kinetic art are Southeast Asian wind chimes and Scandinavian Himmeli ornaments. Both are hung to bring about good luck and dispel misfortune. To make a mobile of your own, you need to understand balance. Is it easier to hold a stick on your finger vertically or horizontally? Can you stand still longer on one foot or two? The answers to these questions will help you decide which items to use on your hanging piece of art!

  • Stick or dowel about 12”
  • String or wire
  • Objects to hang

Step 1: Find the balance point of your stick by practicing balancing it on your finger. Mark the point where the stick balances level on your finger.

Step 2: Tie a loop of string to hang your mobile at its marked balance point.

Step 3: Tie string to each of your collected objects.

Step 4: With your mobile hanging, tie your objects to various points on the stick to keep it balanced. This will be easier if you use a loose loop and are able to slide the objects into better positions.

Step 5: If you wish to create a tiered mobile, balance your additional sticks with heavier objects to create a larger piece.

Step 6: Hang your mobile and admire your work!

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