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Spooky silhouettes

October is here, and we’re seeing more and more spooky Halloween decorations around our neighborhoods. Many decorations are inspired by nocturnal and crepuscular animals. Nocturnal animals like bats and owls are awake and active at night. Crepuscular animals like cats and coyotes are most active at twilight, though they can be awake during the day as well. The mysterious nature of these types of animals can make them seem scary, but night-dwelling animals can actually be helpful friends. Under the cover of darkness, they eat mosquitoes, garden pests, mice and other animals that are often thought to be a nuisance to people. Let’s celebrate these shadow-loving critters with a silhouette-inspired artwork. A silhouette is a type of illustration that uses a dark solid outline of an image on a plain background to make a picture.

  • Sponges (compressed sponges work great)
  • Scissors
  • White paint
  • Dark-colored paper
  • Plate or bowl


Step 1: Cut your sponges into animal shapes and any other other Halloween-themed objects you’d like to print.

Step 2: Pour a bit of paint into a shallow bowl or plate.

Step 3: Dip one of your sponges into the paint and press it onto your colored paper.

Step 4: Create a few different scenes and hang them together to illustrate an October night!

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