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Sleepy sock critters

Many animals hibernate to survive the winter months, but only seven of these live in New England. Groundhogs, jumping mice and bats are true hibernators that go into a deep winter slumber. Black bears, chipmunks, raccoons and striped skunks are partial hibernators, sleeping only through the coldest months. In order to hibernate, these animals gain weight during the spring and summer by eating fruits, nuts, insects and other prey. While they sleep, their bodies rely on this stored fat to survive. Learn how to create a sleepy critter of your own who will be well rested and ready to explore the great outdoors with you come spring!

  • One sock
  • Felt or fleece fabric
  • Polyfill or other stuffing material (the other sock also works well)
  • Glue (tacky, fabric or hot glue will work best)
  • Needle and thread
  • Hair tie or rubber band
  • Scissors


Step 1: Fill your sock with stuffing to create the body of your critter. Fold the ankle of the sock inside to hide it.

Step 2: Using a running stitch, sew a circle around the open end of the sock and then pull tight to close the back of the sock. Make a few stitches across the closure before tying knots to secure the thread. Hide the end of the thread by sending the needle through the body before cutting off the remaining thread. See video for help!

Step 3: Wrap the hair tie or rubber band around the sock just behind the toe to create a head.

Step 4: Use felt or fleece to cut out arms, legs, ears and a tail. Create stripes or spots with small pieces of felt.

Step 5: Glue or sew on your detail pieces. If gluing, be sure to allow your new critter plenty of time to dry before snuggling.

Step 6: Prep a cozy den for your critter to hibernate the season away. Keep them warm with cuddles and remember to wake them in the spring!

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