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Shrink Plastic snowflake keychains/earrings

Winter is here, and snowy days are approaching! The next time you see snow, try to catch and observe it. No two snowflakes are the same. This is because when water droplets become cold enough to freeze, they begin to form ice crystals as they fall. All the snowflakes take slightly different paths down to the ground, which causes them to all look different. Let's make unique snowflake keychains to match the new season.

  • Shrink Plastic sheets (or #6 plastic packaging)
  • Permanent markers
  • Hole punch
  • Small chain
  • Key ring/earring hook
  • Oven/toaster oven
  • Tinfoil/ sturdy cardboard


Step 1: On a piece of the shrink plastic, draw your snowflake. (Remember to size it up as it will shrink once we heat it up at the end.)

Step 2: Once you've made a design that you like, carefully cut it out with scissors. Use a hole punch to make a hole for the chain to go through later.

Step 3: Place your snowflake in the oven and watch it carefully. Remove it when it stops shrinking and let it cool. (make sure to have adult supervision).

Step 4: Attach a chain and key ring and it is complete.

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