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Nature Mosiacs

Join us and create your own nature mosaic. This is a great project to do at each changing season as it will allow you to notice the transformations taking place in the natural world at all different times of year! Explore and observe the nature around you and collect pieces of the current season to create your own nature mosaic.

  • Collected natural materials
  • Small picture frame
  • Craft glue

Step 1: Prepare your frame. Separate your picture frame to use just the frame and the piece of glass that fits inside. You will not need any insert pieces or the frame backing for this project. Using any kind of glue, seal all the edges of your frame from the inside.

Step 2: Arrange your natural materials in your frame. Spread a thin layer of craft glue on the inside of your frame. Arrange your natural materials on the layer of glue. The glue helps the materials stay in place. Tip: Be creative when arranging the materials. Layer items on top of each other or create patterns with the material you collect.

Step 3: Cover the natural materials with a thick layer of craft glue. Once you are satisfied with the imagery you have created, pour a very thick layer of craft glue over the entire area inside of your frame. This may take several days to fully dry. Tip: Consider experimenting with color. Mix a few drops of paint or food coloring into your craft glue before you pour it into your frame. It will dry with a fun translucent color!

Step 4: Hang your finished mosaic. After your mosaic is completely dry, add some rope, yarn or any type of cording you would like along one side so you can hang it in a window. Enjoy how and where the light interacts with your work of art!

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