Events \\ April School Vacation Week

Old School Cool

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 from 10 am–4 pm

Power down your digital devices and join us for hands-on art making, demonstrations and storytelling that explore “old-school” techniques. From analog film photography to handwritten letters, discover time-honored ways to express your creativity.


Make Your Mark

10 am–4 pm | Atrium

Create and customize a tasseled bookmark by hand writing your name or a favorite literary quote. Learn and practice cursive letter forms, and experiment with writing and calligraphy tools like brush pens, parallel pens and pointed nibs.

In-Gallery Sketching

10 am–4 pm | Various galleries and Atrium

Keep those phone cameras and Instagram filters in your pockets and challenge yourself to capture a favorite artwork with pencil and paper instead. Pick up a sketching guide in the Atrium, explore the three gallery sketching stations, then share your work on the Atrium display board.


The Corduroy Kid’s Global Folktale Road Trip!

11am–noon | Morse Auditorium

The Corduroy Kid is fixin’ to go on an adventure around the globe, and you’re all invited! Help him map out the world and learn about various cultures through fun, interactive folktales. Oral storytelling has been around about as long as humans have had language, so come gather to explore history and culture like your ancestors would have!



Suminagashi Paper Marbling

11:30 am–12:30 pm | Studio 1, Create Space
Tickets available day of program, all ages

The Japanese art of suminagashi (“floating ink”) is believed to be the oldest form of decorative marbling, practiced by Shinto priests as early as the 12th century. Learn about this ancient technique, then try your hand at creating a one-of-a-kind greeting card.



Visionary Macrame

1–3 pm | Studio 2, Create Space

Macrame, a decorative fiber-art technique using knots, likely originated with 13th-century Arab weavers. Artist Marisa Curran of Visionary Macrame guides you through the foundational knots of macrame while you create a wall hanging to take home. After perfecting these knots, you’ll have the tools to create countless patterns for wall hangings, plant hangers, keychains and other crafts.



Nature Cyanotypes

2:30–4 pm | Studio 1, Create Space
Space very limited, tickets available day of program, recommended for children 7+

Not long after this photographic printing process was developed in 1842, one of the first female photographers used cyanotyping to document natural specimens. Channel this artist, Anna Atkins, and create your own cyanotype photograms by capturing silhouettes of leaves, shells, and other objects on special coated paper.