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PEMcast 011: Immersive experiences | Part 2

How can museums heighten a sense of empathy and wonder? Increasingly, immersive environments and multi-sensory experiences are coming into play. Tune in here for the PEMcast — conversations and stories for the culturally curious.

This is the second installment of our exploration of the immersive experience. (Go HERE for the first.) Join us in an immersive virtual reality environment simulating solitary confinement, and a post-apocalyptic LARP (live action role play) in Finland.

Sound designer Jason Rainier of Earprint Productions takes us through the subtleties that make an effective and convincing immersive experience, including three-dimensional audio that reacts to the movement of your head. Add 360 visuals to that and the virtual reality environment becomes surprisingly powerful and emotionally evocative.

Frontline Solitary

Listen as attendees of this year’s Salem Film Fest find themselves inside the Maine State Prison on a tour with a former inmate who endured two decades of solitary confinement before the prison changed their practices. 

Johanna Koljonen is a Finnish journalist who often writes about Live Action Role Play or LARPing. She explains a LARP she participated in that changes the way she sees the world. Assigned various roles and placed in a make-believe bomb shelter, Johanna and her fellow LARPers experience feelings of anxiety, fear and relief as the scene progresses.

Joko Larp004


Johanna Koljonen chats with Ed Rodley in Sweden. Photo by Caryn Boehm.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore immersive environments on the PEMcast. For episodes of the PEMcast, go to Also, find the PEMcast on & iTunes or any podcast app.

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