Marine Paintings and Drawings
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KINEO, preparing to weigh anchor in the Mersey, 1864
William G. Yorke (1817 ca. 1888)
Oil on canvas 27 in. by 38 in.

This painting has the unusal background of the Wirral shore of the upper Mersey between Tranmere on the right and Rock Ferry on the left of the main subject. Flying the Blue Peter at the foremast head, KINEO displays her Marryat code flags, her name flag, and the U.S. ensign. With a favorable southerly wind for departure, the inner jib and main lower topsail are set and "backed." Hands aloft have cast off the gaskets from the fore and main upper topsails, which are now ready for hoisting from the deck. Meanwhile, a group on the foredeck is working a patent capstan to pull the ship up to the anchor, the cable appearing taut. Once the anchor is tripped, the ship's bow should swing to starboard. Then the fore-topsails would be set, and the yards hauled around as the KINEO turns full circle to make for the river mouth on the right of the painting. Alongside, a typical Mersey gig boat is about to cast off. In the foreground, a naval boat makes for the two-decker on the left side of the painting, and two typical Mersey flats work their way up river, tacking against the headwind.

The 829-ton KINEO was built at Bath, Maine, in 1855.

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