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Brig NANCY ANN of Salem Leaving Naples
Michele Felice Cornè, (1752 ca. 1845)
Watercolor, 15 in. by 19 in.

NANCY ANN, of 173 tons and 77 feet in length was built in Salisbury, Massachusetts in 1809 and sailed for Naples from Newburyport in November of that year under the command of Captain Moses Brown, Jr. Arriving in Naples, Captains Brown's vessel was seized by the French under orders from Napolean and her cargo sold. Captain Richard J. Cleveland of Salem, whose schooner MARIA had also been seized, was able to purchase the NANCY ANN in the summer of 1810 and load her with a cargo of wine, raw silk, and licorice.

This portrait shows the brig in the Bay of Naples in the summer of 1810 as she set sail for London under the command of Captain Cleveland. He sold this cargo in London where he spent the winter of that year.

NANCY ANN was then apparently sold again and traded between England and the Mediterranean, until reappearing on the Salem Customhouse records in April 1815 with Stephen Philips as her owner. Her last recorded voyage was to Buenos Aires in 1815-1816, when the NANCY ANN was the first Salem vessel to trade with that port.

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