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Marine Paintings and Drawings

About one-tenth of the 25,000 marine paintings, drawings, and prints at the museum are catalogued and illustrated in the two Peabody Essex Museum publications, Marine Paintings and Drawings in the Peabody Museum of Salem and More Marine Paintings and Drawings in the Peabody Museum of Salem.
A The Grand Turk
These two volumes are invaluable in understanding Salem's maritime history, not only for the illustrations they contain, but for the organization they provide. In an attempt to deal with the limited bandwidth available for presenting the Peabody Essex Museums collection here, the image library has been modeled on these two resources. This archive is organized alphabetically by artist and retains the numbering scheme used in the published volumes for direct referal to the published volume.

The archive currently contains 80 items, each represented by two JPEG images: an ~ 180x120x256 thumbnail and a larger image, usually ~ 800x600x256. Image resolution has been kept low to insure that most large images are around 40-60 KB in size. The image collection contains all color plates from the two references given above, as well as a few color images drawn from other museum publications.

The on-line catalogue is organized alphabetically by artist. An artist index and subject index are provided.

For a comprehensive look at our Maritime collection explore ARTscape.

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